A fantastic range of Suspender Belts and Girdles (and more)…

We are “The new Elaine Edwards” We look forward to meeting you as a customer and can promise to continue the fantastic range of garter belts and belts designed by our fabulous Elaine.” – Vic and Rob

Now 18 months later, and having been locked down with COVID 19, we have managed to keep the factory running and have expanded our range significantly – with new lines such as the Shiny series. The new Shiny Series are made from wonderful shiny fabrics, either embellished with super soft sensual lace or simply plain panel belts. We have also started a ‘made-to-measure’ service allowing you to create your ‘dream’ suspender belt – you may choose between 4 and 14 straps with most suspender belts, choose the colour of the trim and straps – the world is your oyster!

Our unique vintage Multi-strap Suspender Belts and Girdles are hand-made in the UK. We offer you stunning variations of shape and color. The Suspender Belts are ideal for RHT and fully fashioned Nylons. Feel free to take a look around! We are happy to discuss any ideas you have and hopefully help create your vision!

A kind note to our EU customers – given the difficulties associated with Brexit, we ship to our facility in Germany every week – which means that customers in the EU have no difficulties in importing from the UK – we will ship your order from within the EU.

NEWS: Fashion4Passion have just added wonderful soft Italian PowerMesh to our range of suspender belts!

Let hearts beat faster with the breathtaking Suspender Belts by Fashion4Passion!

New Arrival!

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Please note, we offer the majority of our belts with 6 straps – we can offer up to most of our range with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 straps – these will be custom made to order.

Customer orders require 5 working days to complete.

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